After comparing data from Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) and Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance, Gaming Authority top brands on Serbian gambling market both online and land base are:

  1. Mozzart d.o.o. – brand MOZZART

One-fifth of all gambling employees work for Mozzart. One-fifth of all betting shops and slot clubs also belong to Mozzart. With directly 2400 employees in over 900 clubs, Mozzart made a record profit that exceeds 30% of the total profit on the gambling market in Serbia operating both online and land base. The company was founded back in 2001 and since then they have built a recognizable brand and managed to become a leader in the gaming industry. With a long tradition, extremely reliable and safe. Customer support is above average. From October 2020, the offer of Mozzart betting shop has been enriched with a jackpot bonus on live betting.

2. Merkur games d.o.o. -  brand BALKAN BET, MERKUR

Merkur games d.o.o. with 4 companies made 16% of the total profit on the gambling market in Serbia, with over 300 betting shops and gambling halls with near 1500 employees. Partnering with ORYX they enhanced their offering with MerkurXtip. The offer of the Balkan Bet betting shop is one of the best in Serbia. The odds are almost in the range of average world bookmakers, which means that Balkan Bet bookmakers are among the leaders on the Serbian market. Still, the best thing about this bookmaker is definitely live betting. The live match offer is one of the best in the industry.

3. Phuket d.o.o. – brand SOCCER

Soccer made 15% of the total profit on the gambling market in Serbia, in over 450 betting shops and gambling halls with near 950 employees. It is also very successful online operator. During its existence, it became known as a sponsor of many sports clubs and athletes, as well as for participating in numerous humanitarian actions. There is another, innovative, method of payment, and that is the action “Soccer Good Neighbor”. All you need to do is fill out a short online form with your requirements or call one of the numbers of agents by city and they will come to your address, and along the way they can make a purchase for you. This action is motivated by the new situation regarding the Covid-19 virus and recommendations that risk categories of the population avoid unnecessary contacts.

4. Meridian tech d.o.o./MERIDIAN

Meridian made 10% of the total profit on the gambling market in Serbia, in over 270 betting shops and gambling halls with near 650 employees. Meridian bookmakers have a lot of options for depositing and withdrawing money, which is a big advantage of betting on Meridian Bet. It is especially popular because of its now famous free game. In free play, you can choose any event, and based on the probability that it will happen, the bookmaker will give you a quota at which you can bet.

5. Dan Plus International d.o.o./MAXBET

MaxBet has achieved an incredible 44.5% of the total revenue in the gaming market. Their net profit is 3.75%; they work in 650 clubs with more than 1600 employees. What is interesting and unique is that Max Bet does not offer a bonus only on the first deposit, but on the first three. Live betting is one of the strengths of this bookmaker. With over 300 events on a daily basis, the choice is almost limitless.

6. Novomatic/ADMIRAL

Novomatic is owner of 5 gambling companies in Serbia, with 498 betting shops and gaming halls with over 960 employees. Market share of gaming halls is near 10%, but in 2019 they reported a business loss of 2 million of Euro. The Admiral has not always been a bookmaker in Serbia, at the beginning they were dealing with slot machines, but over time they included betting in their offer. If we compare Admiral bet with the competition from our country, then it is on average and does not stand out too much. The biggest advantage of the Admiral is their slot machines, which are popular among Serbian players.


The largest 6 listed companies generated 75% of revenues, as well as profits in games of chance, employ 65% of all workers in the sector, and have 60% of all gaming halls in Serbia.