About us

Work on developing professional standards and relationships in the gambling industry in Serbia ~ Assisting members in fulfilling legal obligations ~ Advocating for optimal business conditions for all participants in the gambling industry in Serbia and improving quality in this area with the goal of aligning with European and global standards

Basic information:

  • Foundation date: July 22, 2006, at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
  • Headquarters: Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia
  • Number of members: 31 regular members in the Republic of Serbia and 11 associate members from other European countries

Main Objectives

  • Collaboration with domestic and foreign companies, individuals, and associations involved in the gambling industry.
  • Protecting the interests of legitimate companies, associations, institutions, and ensuring healthy and lawful business practices.
  • Providing assistance in raising the standards of the gambling industry in Serbia by supporting the development of technical achievements, production, trade activities, and gambling operators.
  • Working on improving and enhancing the image and prestige of its members and the gambling industry in Serbia before other international organizations and institutions dealing with gambling.
  • Providing support and assistance to its members to establish business both in Serbia and in other countries.
  • Providing and conveying relevant information to its members and professional institutions both domestically and abroad if they are of general interest and in favor of the legitimate organization of gambling.
  • Ensuring support and enabling harmonization of the gambling industry in Serbia with relevant regulations and standards in Europe.
  • Monitoring legal obligations of its members, advising, and avoiding actions and activities that could discredit the gambling industry in Serbia and the reputation of the association with state and foreign institutions, organizations, business partners.
  • Working on familiarizing and implementing unified standards in the gambling industry and their harmonization with global standards.
  • Working on improving professional attitudes and relations in the gambling industry.
  • Providing support and actively working on strengthening public awareness and prevention of problematic and pathological gambling, and assisting state and private organizations dealing with the prevention of pathological gambling, as well as providing expert support and information.
  • Providing assistance to its members in protecting intellectual property and products in the gambling industry.
  • Providing assistance in improving the existing legal regulation in Serbia and working on public relations to improve the image of the gambling industry both domestically and abroad.
  • Ensuring and protecting the rights of its members.
  • Ensuring the best possible working conditions.
  • Raising standards.
  • Joint action with the government and other organizations and companies, synergy with ministries to ensure that Serbian citizens participate in gambling primarily for entertainment.

Engagement and Activities

  • 2012 – present: Regular updates on the gambling industry for the European Commission, the Balkan region.
  • 2013, April: Organizing the conference "Digital Economy and EU Standards in Gambling" in collaboration with the Employers' Association.
  • 2013, April: Presentation of market research on gambling in Serbia, analysis of the legal and informal market, risks of financial fraud, and consumer protection.
  • 2013, May: Initiative with the Novi Sad Chamber of Commerce to organize a conference "Ethics in Gambling".
  • 2013, June: Participation in the presentation of the "Law on Employment of Persons with Special Needs" at the Novi Sad City Assembly. Active support for members in adapting to new laws.
  • 2013, July: Collaboration with the Union of Employers of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in protecting members' rights in negotiations with SOKOJ and OFPS.
  • 2013, 2014: Initiative for regulatory conferences in the region with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Serbia and the presence of the president of GREF.
  • 2013: Work on amendments and supplements to the Law on Games of Chance.
  • 2014, March: Representative of Serbia at the meeting in Strasbourg, 'EU Outreach Exercise'. Meeting with the Vice-President of the Committee for the Digital Economy.
    Expert in the preparation of notifications for the EU Commission - DG Market & Services: Notification 2012/200/D - German Interstate Treaty on Digital Gambling.
  • 2014: Joining the initiative for amendments to the Law regulating the use of tobacco in gambling spaces.
  • 2014: Consultations on the New Law on Games of Chance in Serbia.
  • 2014, June: Support for the initiative and establishment of the APIS association in Macedonia, gathering representatives of the gambling industry.
  • 2014, June: Participation in the GLI Round Table for regulators in Sofia.
  • 2014, July: Candidacy for organizing the EU gambling industry conference for 2015 at the General Assembly of Euromat.
  • 2014, August: Participation in a public discussion at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia on the New Law on Games of Chance.
  • 2014, September: Work in the Working Group for amendments to the Law on Games of Chance in Montenegro at the invitation of the Ministry of Finance.
  • 2014, October: Participation in a public discussion on amendments to the Law on Games of Chance in Montenegro at the invitation of the Government.
  • 2014, October: Organization of the 3rd regulatory conference titled "European Integration in Games of Chance" with the participation of regulators from almost all European countries.