How to play the Aviator game in Online Casino

The game «Aviator» is an innovative casino game from developer Spribe that allows players to bet on the flight duration of a virtual plane. The longer the plane flies before flying off the screen, the higher the payout coefficient. Players have to decide when to collect their winnings before the plane disappears in order to maximize their chances of increasing their stake up to x100 in a single flight.

Gameplay features of Aviator

The main feature of the game «Aviator» is its simplicity and an interesting function that allows players to see the bets and winnings of other participants in real time. The game begins with the plane taking off and the payout coefficient increases during the flight. The main task is to click on the "collect winnings" button before the plane flies away. The game also has an auto-collect function, allowing players to set a predetermined coefficient at which the winnings will be automatically collected. 

📄 Characteristic


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📅 Launch date

February 2019

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🎮 Game scheme

Multiplier increases as the plane takes off

💰 Minimum bet

$0.1 - $100

🔄 RTP (Return to Player)


🔝 Maximum multiplier


How to start playing Aviator in an online casino

To start playing Aviator in an online casino, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website of an online casino that offers the game and log in to your account. If you are not yet registered on the platform, complete a quick registration.
  2. Go to the cashier section and choose your preferred deposit method. Online casinos usually offer a wide range of reliable payment methods.
  3. Game selection: Find Aviator among the available games and launch it.
  4. Bet settings: Determine the amount of your bet using the control interface. Try to make the bet amount correspond to your financial capabilities and game strategy.

Is it possible to win real money in Aviator

Yes, the game Aviator in an online casino gives you the opportunity to win real money. This game attracts many players with its dynamic payout coefficients and the potential for big wins. It is important to choose reliable and trusted casinos to play with real money.

How to win in the game Aviator and earn money

To succeed and earn money in Aviator, it is important to apply a well-thought-out strategy. Here are a few tips that will help increase your chances of winning:

  1. Study the statistics: Pay attention to the history of flights and winning coefficients in previous rounds. This can help you predict possible patterns and choose the optimal moment for betting and collecting winnings.
  2. Use the auto-collect function: Set up auto-collect of winnings at a certain coefficient to guarantee profit before the plane unexpectedly flies away.
  3. Analyze the play of others: Pay attention to the strategies and decisions of other players, especially those who win often. Observing the behavior of others can give you new ideas for your own betting strategy.
  4. Bankroll management: Divide your game budget into several bets and do not try to recover after a loss by increasing stakes. Be conservative and patient.

How does the multiplier work in the game Crash Plane

The multiplier in the game Aviator shows how many times your bet will increase if you manage to collect your winnings before the plane flies away. With the start of each round, the multiplier begins to increase from x1 upwards. The longer the plane stays in flight, the higher the multiplier.

For example, if you bet 100 rubles and decided to collect your winnings when the multiplier reached x5, your payout will be 500 dollars (100 dollars is your bet * 5 multiplier). If you don't manage to collect the winnings before the plane leaves, the bet burns out.

How to withdraw funds won from the Aviator game and casino

Tips from an Aviator Game Expert

I have played thousands of "plane" flights, so I can share with you one tip that will really help you feel the Aviator Online game to the fullest. 

My strategy is called "Double Bets". I suggest you make two bets simultaneously with different collection strategies. You can collect one bet at a low coefficient to guarantee a small profit, and leave the other at a higher coefficient, thereby increasing the potential winnings.


How are winnings calculated in Aviator?

In Aviator, you win when you manage to collect your bet at a coefficient before the "plane" crashes. If you didn't make it and the "plane" fell - you lost. Good luck in the next round.

Is it possible to predict when the plane will crash?

No, the moment the plane leaves is generated randomly and cannot be predicted. The Aviator game in licensed casinos, such as MeridianBet, 1Win, Parimatch, Pin-up, uses algorithms that ensure fairness and randomness of each flight.

What is the auto-collect function and how to use it?

Auto-collect allows you to automatically collect winnings when a set coefficient is reached. This makes the game more comfortable, automating the process of collecting winnings without the need for constant attention.

Is it possible to play Aviator for free or only for real money?

All casinos that offer the Aviator Online game for real money provide the opportunity to observe the game without bets after registration on their website.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator Casino?

In casinos such as 1Win, Parimatch, Pin-up, the minimum bet in the Aviator game is $0.1, and the maximum is $100.

Are there strategies that increase the chances of winning?

One of the strategies is "Double Bets": make two bets at once. Collect one at a low coefficient to guarantee a win, and leave the other at a higher one, which can increase your winnings.