Four tips for beginners in the gambling business and for all those seeking employment in this field

In recent months, our association's inbox has been receiving resumes from people of various professions, occupations, and educational backgrounds looking for work. Knowing that we are not alone as an employer's professional association, with people who have recently lost their jobs or are seeking a change and better-paid positions turning to us, we believe that with this short text, we should try to advise and help all those who believe that gambling and jobs in betting shops, slot clubs, and online casinos are their calling, and to give our perspective on employment in the gambling industry.

Here are a few important facts at the outset:

  1. Jobs in betting shops and slot clubs, depending on the position and level of responsibility, are well and regularly paid under current conditions.
  2. Due to the state's efforts to regulate this area and curb the grey economy in gambling, there are indicators of increased employment with mandatory registration, paid pension, and health insurance. The state will continue its practice of zero tolerance when it comes to illegal work in casinos.
  3. Due to the nature of the job, there is a possibility of rapid advancement if you are hardworking, reliable, accurate, and versatile.
  4. Employers very rarely lay off workers in times of crisis and business difficulties, and according to our research, employed quality people work for years and are loyal to their employers, as they are to them.
  5. There is a need for a large number of qualified people from various professions, and this demand is increasing.
  6. Before applying, it is important to check whether the employer who advertised for workers has a valid license to conduct gambling and betting activities. Otherwise, you may unknowingly work illegally, unregistered, and experience abuse as in any other industry.

First Tip: Gambling and working in casinos is unlike any other job. In our country, there is no specific educational institution where you can be trained for a job in gambling. Training with the employer is usually required, whether you are a qualified hospitality worker, IT expert, accountant, lawyer, or manager. Each employer has its own work organization, and in this job, trust and reliability are often placed before qualifications.

Second Tip: It is very important to keep in mind that qualified accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers who are familiar with the Gambling Law, its rules, and application in the field of finance and law are extremely rare, and there is a demand for them.

Third Tip: If you have even the slightest tendency towards gambling and betting, do not apply for work in betting shops, casinos, or slot clubs. Research shows that 5% of all groups of people who gamble are generated from the workforce that has worked in companies organizing gambling.

Fourth Tip: Organizational skills, adaptability, emotional intelligence are required to gain employment directly in the business with players of various types of gambling games.

The JAKTA Association, for the needs of its members, can help organize professional and educational workshops to provide basic training and elementary education for all interested.