Lucky Six: An Enhanced Variant of Bingo

Welcome to our guide for Lucky Six, a popular online game of chance! On this page, you will get a comprehensive overview of the Lucky Six game - from the basic rules and different betting options to helpful strategies for increasing your chances of winning.

What exactly is the Lucky Six game?

Lucky Six is a popular dynamic and exciting live game where 35 numbers are randomly drawn out of 48 lottery balls from the lottery machine. The player needs to predict six numbers that will be drawn as early as possible in the process. The main betting option in the game is betting on six numbers (Lucky Six). In addition, players can bet on the color of the lottery ball, whether the number is odd or even, and the total sum.

It is also possible to place multiple bets of 6 numbers in the game, making it easier to hit the winning combination. The player's winnings will be greater if the six marked numbers are drawn earlier in the game. The game takes place every 5 minutes with maintenance breaks.

Mozzart Lucky Six

Mozzart Lucky Six

This is based on the standard Lucky Six where the player chooses 6 numbers from 1 to 48, and 35 numbers are drawn to determine the winner. Draws are held every 5 minutes.

Users can also bet on the colors of the balls. There are eight types of colored balls. Betting on colors means that all six drawn balls must be the same color chosen by the player.

Advance betting is also allowed. Players can place bets by paying the same card in advance for a maximum of 20 betting rounds.

Mozzart betting shop offers the popular dynamic game Lucky Six in its offer. Unlike the standard Lucky Six game, Mozzart's version is called Lucky Super Six and contains some additional bonus elements.

The minimum stake for Lucky Super Six at Mozzart is 20 dinars, while the maximum is 30,000 dinars per ticket. The maximum possible payout is as much as 10 million dinars!

This game is available for playing at all Mozzart points of sale, through their website as well as through the Mozzart mobile app.

TVBET Lucky Six

TVBET Lucky Six

TVBET Lucky Six is a lottery game provided by Betgames.TV. Players can access the lottery games directly via the company's website or through its online betting partners such as Betway, Pinnacle and Marathon Bet.

In this game, 6 balls are randomly drawn from a total of 60. The balls are numbered from 1 to 9 and have a red or blue color.

There are five betting categories, namely numbers, number, colors, odd/even and total sum.

In the numbers category, players choose six numbers they think will be drawn. The earlier the numbers are drawn during the game, the higher the winnings. There are also options to bet on combinations of three or more numbers.

In the color category, players bet on the color of the balls that will be drawn - red or blue.

In the odd/even category, players bet on whether the total sum or number of balls drawn will be an odd or even number.

The total sum category allows betting on the total sum of all six drawn balls.

NSoft Lucky Six

NSoft Lucky Six

Lucky Six by Nsoft is one of the most popular versions of this game. Players get a chance to pick random numbers or even colors in order to win. There are Standard bets and Special bets for betting.

Standard bets include Main bet 6/35 and Color bet. For Main bet 6/35, players choose six different numbers out of a total of 48 numbers. The machine generates 35 numbers and if the six chosen numbers are among those 35 numbers, the player wins a cash prize.

The Color bet option implies that the player chooses six numbers of the same color. A win is earned when the machine generates six numbers of the same color chosen by the player.

There are also several Special bets available to players. These include: Odd/Even pre-numbers, First number Odd/Even, First ball color and First number.

How to play Lucky Six?

The process is easy to understand even if you have never played lottery before. In this game, six balls are drawn from a total of 60 balls. These 60 balls are divided into three sections - A, B and C - with two balls chosen by each section. Out of these 60 balls, 30 are colored red and contain numbers ranging from 0 to 9 while the remaining 30 blue balls also contain numbers ranging from 0 to 9.

The main goal of the game is to correctly guess which number will be drawn from the Lucky Six live drawing machine. Players can choose to bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, colors, odd/even and total sum, with each bet having different odds and payout amounts.

The game begins with players selecting their bets and placing them on the Lucky Six betting board. When all bets are placed, the drawing machine randomly selects six numbers from 1 to 60. If any of your chosen bets are drawn, then you are a winner!

Lucky Six Betting Options

Lucky Six offers various betting options, including single number bets and combination bets:

  1. Number bets: These are the most basic types of bets in Lucky Six. Players can choose one or more numbers from 1 to 60 and bet on them.
  2. Number: Group bets are combinations of 3 or more numbers that players can bet on. These bets have higher odds than single number bets but lower payouts.
  3. Colors: Players can also bet on the color of the balls that will be drawn. There are two options: Red or Blue.
  4. Odd/Even: Players can also bet on whether the total number of balls drawn will be odd or even.
  5. Total sum: Players can bet on the total sum of all six drawn balls.

These are the main betting options in Lucky Six. More detailed information about payouts and odds can be found on the Betgames website.

Strategies and tips for winning Lucky Six

The best way to win is to bet that the sum of all balls will be above 15.5 or below 38.5. This gives you over 940,000+ winning combinations. However, the return for this type of betting is incredibly low - only 1% of your original stake.

One of the options would be to combine the low payouts with some better payout options. Of course, they are less likely to occur - but they give you a chance for much better rewards. For example, choosing balls in specific zones will give you odds of 90 to 1, which are the best odds in the game.

In general, Lucky Six gives you better overall odds than the three available lottery games at BetgamesTV. But this is offset by the low rewards that can frustrate punters. We suggest checking out those other games to see if the payouts/odds are more suitable for your betting style.


Is Lucky Six legitimate?

Yes, Lucky Six is a legitimate game offered by BetGames, TVBet, Mozzart... A licensed operator with Serbia, Curaçao and UK gambling licenses.

What is the minimum bet in Lucky Six?

The minimum bet for Lucky Six is $1 or 100 dinars.

What are the chances of winning in Lucky Six?

The chances of winning depend on which bets you are betting on and how many numbers you choose to bet on. Generally, single bets have lower chances while combination bets have higher chances.

Is Lucky harder than Lucky 6?

Lucky Six is slightly more complex than Lucky 5 as it has more betting options and requires the player to guess the outcome of six balls instead of five. However, with a little practice and knowledge of the game, it can be just as easy to play as Lucky 6.

What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout in Lucky Six is capped at $200,000.

Can I play Lucky Six online?

Yes, Lucky Six can be played in most countries around the world. You can find a reputable and licensed sports betting operator that offers this game.

How much can be earned by playing Lucky Six?

The maximum payout for Lucky Six is $200,000! The amount you can win depends on which bets you are betting on and how much you stake. For example, betting $1 on a single number can give you a potential payout of up to $50, but the odds are lower than betting on a group of numbers.