Merkur X Tip Review 2024

Merkur X Tip is an online betting platform that has been operating in the Serbian market since 2021. The project is backed by the company Pionir International, which has existed since 1991 and is known for distributing gaming machines throughout the region. In cooperation with a partner company from Germany, the Merkur X Tip betting project was launched with the aim of offering an innovative online betting platform adapted to the needs of domestic users.

At first glance, the betting site leaves the impression of a professionally designed and arranged platform with a transparent layout. The blue color dominates, which has a calming effect, while all other functions are precisely positioned and easily accessible. These include registration and login options, live chat support in the lower right corner, as well as filters for searching sports and events.

The site is optimized for operation on computers, but also on mobile phones through responsive web design. In addition, iOS and Android apps for mobile betting are available to users.

Data security and financial transactions are at the highest level, given that the bookmaker has a license from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia for organizing games of chance. This means that the entire operation and business of the bookmaker is controlled and regulated by state authorities.

As for sports betting, Merkur X Tip has over 20 different sports and hundreds of subcategories and special markets. For the most popular sports such as football, the number of combinations goes over 1000 per match. There are also numerous special markets such as the number of shots on goal, the number of cards, the number of fouls and the like. Special attention is paid to esports and MMA betting, which are gaining in importance.

In addition to standard, pre-match bets, a big trump card of the bookmaker is live betting, which is becoming more and more important and popular among younger bookmakers. The essence is monitoring during the match itself in real time and placing bets directly related to events on the field.

Merkur X Tip has over 1000 live events per day from the most popular sports. There are again football, tennis, basketball, but also sports games such as table tennis or volleyball. The number of combinations also goes up to several hundred per match.

A special advantage is the existence of live stream broadcasts for a large number of football matches where users can watch the course of the match in real time before placing a bet. With all this, it is clear why live betting is the main trump card of the entire bookmaker's offer.

Merkur X Tip betting offer in Serbia

Virtual sports

Virtual sports are simulated, computer-generated sporting events that contain all the characteristics of real sports. Virtual football, basketball, tennis and other sports allow betting 24/7 regardless of the schedule of real events. Betting works the same as on standard sports competitions.

The advantages of virtual sports are continuous availability of betting, higher odds than standard events and 100% random, fair results that are impossible to manipulate.

Merkur X Tip bookmaker currently offers 6 virtual sports – soccer, tennis, beans, horse racing, cycling and motor racing. The number of bet combinations goes up to 150 per event, which is quite solid. Expansion to some more virtual sports is expected soon.

Merkur X Tip esports offer

The bookmaker has recognized the growing importance of eSports such as playing FIFA, Counter Strike, Dota 2 or League of Legends. Therefore, there is a special category on the site with a daily offer of matches of the most popular eSports games and tournaments. The number of combinations is slightly smaller than for standard sports and ranges from 20-50 per match, but it is still more than enough for quality predictions.

The expected growth in the popularity of video game play will definitely result in a wider offer of eSports events for betting in the near future. Merkur X Tip is already following these trends, which is a great benefit.

Card games

Lovers of card games such as poker, belote or tresette will certainly benefit from the fact that the Merkur X Tip bookmaker offers daily tournaments of these games with a solid prize pool. Competitions currently include Texas Hold'em poker tournaments, as well as belote and tresette tournaments. The number of participants goes up to 100 per tournament.

In addition to daily competitions, there are plans to introduce betting on the outcome of individual games of these popular card games, which will certainly additionally enrich the diversity of the betting offer of the bookmaker.

Live betting

A special quality of the entire platform is live betting, which is gaining more and more importance and popularity among younger bookmakers. The essence is monitoring during the match itself in real time and placing bets directly related to events on the field.

For example, during a football match, a user can bet on the exact result of the next half or whether a goal will be scored in the next 10 minutes, and the like. Betting is dynamic and requires quick reflexes, but it is also very fun and adrenaline-fueled.

Merkur X Tip has over 1000 live events per day from the most popular sports. There are again football, tennis, basketball, but also sports games such as table tennis or volleyball. The number of combinations also goes up to several hundred per match.

A special advantage is the existence of live stream broadcasts for a large number of football matches where users can watch the course of the match in real time before placing a bet. With all this, it is clear why live betting is the main trump card of the entire bookmaker's offer.

Merkur X Tip betting odds

As with any serious bookmaker, the amount of odds offered on sporting events is one of the key factors that attracts players. Merkur X Tip strives to be competitive with the best bookmakers in Serbia when it comes to coefficients and margins, especially for the most watched sports such as football and basketball.

For matches of the strongest European football leagues such as the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, the average margin is below 5%. This specifically means that for e.g. a match between Real and Barcelona with odds of 2.0, the real odds assessment would be around 2.10. Therefore, the difference is not overly large.

As for less popular leagues and matches, there is a slight increase in margins, but still far below the level of some smaller regional competitors. For third-rate competitions, margins go up to a maximum of 7%, while for the most watched basketball matches (NBA, Euroleague) it is around 6%. All in all, it is an exceptionally fair offer, especially compared to other domestic operators.

In addition to excellent initial odds, additional value is represented by the odds increase promotion that is active every day for the most important matches on offer. In this way, players can achieve slightly higher winnings with the same stakes. Of course, these promotions are of limited duration, so it is necessary to regularly monitor the site in order to take advantage of favorable opportunities.

Another important thing we must mention when we talk about odds at Merkur X Tip is the existence of Asian handicap, which is a rarity among bookmakers operating in Serbia. This type of handicap eliminates the possibility of a drawn outcome and thus increases the chances of the player to achieve a winning bet. Asian handicap is very prevalent in English Premier League matches.

Generally speaking, the odds offer competes with the best bookmakers on the domestic market, which is certainly a great benefit for all existing and potential users.

Where to bet with Merkur X Tip

Merkur X Tip provides several options for online betting. In addition to the standard desktop version of the site, a mobile application is available as well as a network of traditional betting shops throughout Serbia. All options are equally good and provide identical functions and benefits.


Betting via desktop computer is still the primary choice of most bookmaker users in Serbia. Therefore, the Merkur X Tip website represents the backbone of the entire platform and provides the widest range of online betting functions. When creating the site, care was taken to make it transparent, easy to use and optimally fast.

Responsive web design also ensures perfect adaptability to smaller screens such as laptops and tablets. All important betting options are easily accessible already on the home page - by selecting a sport or event, the user gets a complete offer of markets for a specific match. Filters allow additional narrowing of searches, e.g. by market type or odds limit values.

With a rich offer of functions such as ticket creation, bonus tracking, live chat support and the rest, the site satisfies even the most demanding users. Therefore, it represents an ideal choice for all those who dominate betting via desktop computers or laptops.

Mobile application

In addition to the desktop version, betting is also possible via iOS and Android mobile applications that represent a perfect alternative for the increasingly frequent users of smartphones. Installation of the applications is free and possible directly from the official Merkur X Tip website.

The design and functionality of the applications are maximally optimized for smaller screens by further simplifying the appearance and easier arrangement of key options. There is, of course, a complete betting offer identical to the one on the site, tracking of bonuses and results in real time, live chat and other benefits.

The advantage of the mobile application is definitely the possibility of monitoring events and placing bets from anywhere where there is an internet connection. Accounts can be created or linked to existing profiles from the site. All this makes mobile apps an extremely practical and indispensable tool for any more serious online betting fan.

Offline rooms

Finally, in addition to online options, there is also a network of traditional Merkur betting shops throughout Serbia in all major cities. These places enable cash deposits and withdrawals, checking of sheets and faces, as well as obtaining information from local operators.

Although it is a standard model of bookmaker business, we must praise the speed and kindness of the staff, which further justifies the existence of such an option. If you are not a fan of online betting or you simply like going to betting shops, this is the right choice for you.

In conclusion with all that has been said, betting at Merkur X Tip is possible through several different channels depending on the personal preferences of the user. All methods are equally good and enable identical functionalities without additional costs.

Registration at Merkur X Tip

The process of registering a new account at the Merkur X Tip bookmaker is extremely simple and takes no more than a few minutes:

  1. On the home page of the site in the upper right corner, click on the "Sign up" button
  2. Enter a valid email address that will be used as a username
  3. Then choose a password that consists of a minimum of 8 characters combining numbers and letters
  4. Repeat the entry of the same password for confirmation
  5. Enter personal data such as first name, last name, residential address and personal identification number
  6. Check the accuracy of the entered data and confirm the registration by clicking on the "Sign up" button
  7. After a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link that needs to be clicked to verify the account
  8. After clicking on the link, the account is activated and ready for use

The entire process is intuitive and guides you step by step with all the necessary information. Email verification is mandatory to prevent misuse of data by unauthorized persons.

Once you have completed the registration, all that remains is to make the first deposit using one of the many available payment methods. After that, you can start online betting with the current welcome bonus for new members.

Merkur X Tip deposits and withdrawals

Like any serious online bookmaker, Merkur X Tip offers several convenient and secure ways to deposit funds and withdraw earned winnings. Possible payment options include traditional methods such as payment cards, but also some of the more modern solutions specific to the betting industry.

How to make a deposit?

When depositing money into a betting account, there are several options to choose from:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)
  • Bank transfer
  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Deposit at Merkur X Tip branch
  • iPay payment system
  • Paysafecard prepaid card

For all these options, the minimum deposit amount is 100 dinars. After the payment is made, the funds will automatically be approved on the betting account without additional fees.

Payment cards are certainly the most common form of payment due to simplicity. It is enough to enter the card number, expiration date and CVV code. There is also the option of saving card data for future payments.

Of the other popular methods, there is payment via online and mobile banking, which is also fast and secure. It is necessary to only select the recipient's account, i.e. Merkur X Tip, and enter the desired amount.

There is, of course, the option of cash deposit at one of the numerous Merkur branches throughout Serbia. This method is somewhat slower compared to instant electronic transfers, but it is still often used by older users.

Finally, there is a relatively new service called iPay that allows depositing from payment cards without revealing basic card information. It is a very secure and convenient payment option.

Regardless of which method you choose, the money will be approved on the betting account within a few minutes and will be ready for use.

How to withdraw winnings?

When it comes to withdrawing earned funds from the account, two options are currently available:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payout at branches

Unlike deposits, the possibilities here are somewhat narrower but still quite satisfactory. For payouts via bank transfers, the minimum amount is 100 dinars. The money will be transferred to the desired account within 1-3 working days without additional fees.

The second option is withdrawing cash at one of the numerous Merkur branches, which is the fastest way for urgent payouts. The minimum payout amount at branches is 300 dinars. The transaction is performed within a few minutes without any fees.

Although the number of available payout options is somewhat smaller compared to deposits, both methods work flawlessly for now. In the future, the introduction of additional methods such as payouts to payment cards or electronic wallets is expected.

In general, the system of depositing and withdrawing money is reliable and secure. All transactions are recorded in account statements for complete transparency. Therefore, users can rest assured that their financial funds will be protected.

Payout at Merkur X Tip

As already mentioned in the previous chapter, currently 2 payout methods are available for winnings from the bookmaker – bank transfer and cash withdrawal. Both methods are simple and secure.

For bank transfers, it is necessary to enter the desired amount (min. 100 dinars) in the Payouts option, as well as the current account or card number to which the transfer is made. The transaction is manually approved by the operator after checking the data. After that, the money is forwarded to the destination bank where it is available to the user within 1-3 working days. The entire process is free.

The other way is to withdraw cash at one of the numerous Merkur branches. It is enough to enter any branch, approach the counter, state the username and password as well as the payout amount. You will receive a confirmation with transaction details. The payout process itself takes only a few minutes and is also without additional costs.

Regardless of which payout method you choose, the money is always available in the shortest possible time. All payouts are recorded in account statements for transparency. If you have any ambiguities about withdrawing funds, you can contact the friendly customer support team.

Customer service

Like any serious betting site, Merkur X Tip has a professional customer service that provides adequate assistance to players in solving problems or doubts about the functioning of the platform itself. Contact with representatives is possible in several ways:

  • By phone at the number that is prominently displayed on the site
  • By sending an email to the customer support address
  • By starting an online chat conversation in the lower right corner of the screen
  • By contact form with basic information

Regardless of which contact option you choose, the customer support representatives will communicate with you as soon as possible (usually within a few minutes) and help you with any doubts or ambiguities. If the problem requires deeper analysis, you will receive an email within the next 24 hours with a detailed explanation and a proposed solution.

What particularly distinguishes Merkur X Tip customer support is the kindness of the staff, patience and thoroughness in providing information. Every inquiry or request is treated with maximum seriousness without being ignored. There is also a solid knowledge base in the form of an FAQ system where answers are given to the most frequently asked questions related to registration, deposits, technical problems, etc.

All in all, customer support is a great benefit of the Merkur X Tip platform and facilitates the resolution of potential doubts during its use.

Merkur X Tip opinion – summary

After detailed testing and analysis of the functionality of the Merkur X Tip bookmaker, our impression is very positive. It is a modern platform for online betting that offers a number of advantages compared to other competitors on the domestic market.

The offer of sports and betting is truly impressive and covers as many as 20+ different sports with hundreds of subcategories of markets. In addition to traditional bets, there are also numerous special markets as well as betting on virtual sports and eSports competitions.

The odds are more than fair even by the standards of the most demanding players, while the margins are below the industry average. Bonuses and promotions also do not lag behind and offer great opportunities for additional earnings.

The account registration process is intuitive and takes only a few minutes. Several secure methods of depositing and withdrawing money are available, which function flawlessly. There are, of course, iOS and Android apps whose performance is impressive.

We would especially praise the customer support, which is very professional and efficient in solving user problems. Answers arrive within a few minutes and all questions are resolved thoroughly and patiently.

In conclusion, it is a serious and reliable online bookmaker that is of sufficient quality to compete with the largest global brands. We warmly recommend it to all fans of sports betting in Serbia.


Is Merkur X Tip legal?

Merkur X Tip is a completely legal online bookmaker that has a license for organizing games of chance issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia. This means that the complete operation of the bookmaker is in accordance with state regulations and strictly controlled and regulated by the competent authorities.

All bets and winnings of players are thus protected by law, which puts Merkur X Tip among the most reliable platforms for online betting currently available in Serbia.

What is the initial bonus at Merkur X Tip?

Merkur X Tip offers an excellent welcome bonus offer for all new players in the amount of a 100% increase in the initial deposit. The maximum bonus that can be obtained with this promotion is 9,000 dinars.

To activate the bonus, it is necessary to deposit a minimum of 1,000 dinars into a newly opened account. After the payment, the bonus will be automatically approved, which means that the user practically doubles their stake. The bonus, of course, needs to be used in accordance with the rules before the possibility of payout.

What is the Merkur X Tip promotional code?

Occasionally, the bookmaker offers various promotional codes with which players can achieve additional benefits such as free bets, increased odds, free spins on slots, etc. These codes are entered during registration or deposit, which activates a specific promotion.

Currently, Merkur X Tip does not have active promotional codes, but occasionally includes them for certain occasions. It is recommended to regularly review the promo page to check if there are perhaps some new codes intended for players from Serbia.

Does Merkur X Tip accept online bets?

Yes, Merkur X Tip is primarily an online bookmaker that enables internet betting from the comfort of your own home. Registered users can access their account at any time via desktop or mobile applications and place desired bets without the need to go to branches.

The entire online betting process is completely legal and regulated by state authorities. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made online via payment cards or bank transfers.

Therefore, for a complete interactive betting experience at Merkur X Tip, you do not need to visit traditional branches.

Are the odds at Merkur X Tip high?

No, on the contrary, with the odds offered by Merkur X Tip, it ranks among the top online bookmakers in Serbia. The average margins for the most popular football leagues such as the English Premier League and the Champions League range from 4-5%, which is extremely favorable.

Of course, for less significant matches and leagues, the difference in coefficients is somewhat higher but still within the limits of the average of the current sports betting market in our country. We can certainly say that all offers are fair and highly competitive.

Also, there are various promotions with increased odds where players can achieve big winnings with small stakes. In general, the odds are dominated by an excellent ratio of invested and possible earnings.

Is there a mobile app at Merkur X Tip?

Yes, Merkur X Tip offers the possibility of mobile betting via iOS and Android applications that are downloaded for free. These applications provide all the functionalities of the desktop version of the site optimized for the small screens of smartphones or tablets.

Registered users can check the status of their account at any time via mobile applications, follow the course of matches live, place bets, use bonus benefits, etc. without the need to access via a computer.

The performance of mobile applications is excellent – the speed is solid even in conditions of slower internet connections, the design is clear, and all actions are well organized. They certainly represent the most convenient way for interactive betting on the go.

Merkur X Tip review – is it worth playing with this book?

Based on our experience with Merkur X Tip, our general assessment of this online bookmaker is extremely positive. It is a modern and professional betting platform that is on par with the largest global brands.

A rich offer of sports and markets, excellent odds, quality applications and stable site performance are the main advantages of Merkur X Tip. There are, of course, numerous bonuses and promotions, as well as safe and reliable operations.

The only complaint relates to the number of available payment methods, which could be higher, but all existing options function perfectly.